Cold Pack with Wrap Ice It!® MaxCOMFORT™ System Shoulder 13 X 16 Inch Fabric / Foam / Vinyl / Gel Reusable (516)

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  • Shoulder system designed to curve around the entire shoulder, with large cold packs in both the front and back sections for maximum effectiveness
  • Helps relieve pain and reduce inflammation or swelling from injury or overuse
  • The system includes two 6" X 12" E- Packs and a 13" x 16" fabric holster with removable elastic straps
  • The cold packs stay flexible when fully frozen, to mold around painful areas
  • Provides cooling therapy for up to the recommended maximum 20 minutes
  • Durable enough to be used several times a day
  • The soft fabric and foam cover protects the skin from hypothermia related tissue damage, retains the temperature longer, and prevents condensation from getting clothes wet
  • The elastic straps are fully detachable at both ends, provides excellent stability, and unlimited position options, adjusts for customized compression
  • The cover is washable